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Budgeting: Determine Your Spending Priorities

Provided by the International Finance Corporation


This quiz is set up to help you understand your money spending priorities. The directions are simple. First, read each pair of words.  Then, select the item or activity you would prefer to spend your money on, if you had to choose between them. After completing this activity, click on the "calculate priorities" button and you will discover the order of your spending priorities... from highest to lowest priority, based on the number of times you selected each category.

This will give you an idea of where you are more likely to spend your money. The top priorities should be targeted if you are trying to reduce your expenditures since these categories account for a greater percentage of your disposable income.

File Description: The file is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template. If the security warning "macros have been disabled" appears, you need to select "enable this content" and then click OK.

Special Features:

  • Download this quiz template just once, save it, and be able to use it over and over again.
  • The quiz template contains the formula for calculating your spending priorities.
  • The quiz is easy to use. Just plug in your selections and it will automatically total each spending category.

Attachments: Money Drives

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