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Thailand - Traveling

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Entry requirements

Visa: Thai Visa
Diplomatic representations: List of Thai embassies abroad.

Organizing your trip

Means of transport recommended in town

Using taxi is the most practical way of traveling in every Thai city.
Maps of urban networks: Maporama

Means of transport recommended in the rest of the country

It is easy to travel within Thailand using airlines and road and public transport.
Name Type Domestic flights International flights
Thai Airways InterNational Major yes Yes
Bangkok Airways Major yes Yes
Sky Star Airways Major yes Yes
Portal on Thai Airlines All All Tout

Traveling by yourself

Recommendation: The road network is in general in good condition and traffic conditions are mostly good in Thailand.
Find an itinerary: Via Michelin


Different forms of tourism

Historical: -In Bangkok: Wat Po (the oldest temple of Bangkok and the biggest convent of Thailand) and the Great Palace
-In Phuket: the Chinese and Buddhist temples.
-In the Northeast: the Khmer temples and the Thai silk manufacture.
-Islands and beaches located in the Bay of Thailand
Cultural: You can access information on tourism and culture in Thailand on
Nature: You can access information on tourism and nature in Thailand on Thailand Tourism Directory website.
Religious: You can access information on tourism and religious sites on The Thailand Tourism Directory website. 
Thermal: Located inside Mae Ka Sa village, the Mae Ka Sa Thermal bath offers several thermal baths with beautiful scenery. Go to this link.
Beach: You can access information on the best beaches in Thailand on this link.
Winter sports: None.
Outdoor activities: Thailand is a popular holiday destination for young backpackers, partly because of the multitude of outdoor adventure activities that can be done at a fraction of the cost in other countries.
Shopping: You can access information on tourism and shopping on The Thailand Tourism Directory website. 
Tourism organizations: Tourism Authority of Thailand

Living conditions

Health and safety

Health precautions: To be involved in a road accident or to suffer from vehicle pollution ranks higher on the scale of potential health hazards than do malaria or cholera in Thailand. Precaution measures for diarrhea and for typhoid are recommended. Avoid uncooked food and take standard bottled or boiled water. Booster vaccination is available at most Thailand medical centers. Get hepatitis A vaccination at a reputed medical center. Take the common precautions against water-borne diseases to prevent Hepatitis E. Hepatitis B vaccination is also available at most medical centers. Get Japanese encephalitis shots before entering Thailand if you've plans to stay long in the countryside. If you are visiting Thailand during monsoon (May-September), use mosquito repellant at all times.
For further information on sanitary conditions: MDTravel Health

Time difference and climate

Map of the time zone: Bangkok (GMT+7)
Summer time period: None.
Climate: Thailand's climate is tropical, high both in temperature and humidity, and dominated by monsoons. April and May are the hottest months of the year. June sees the beginning of the monsoon, and brings with it the rainy season, which continues intermittently until the end of October. From November to the end of February the climate is cooler and there is a reduction in the humidity level. This is also the main tourist season, and the best time to visit Thailand.
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Food specialties: Thailand's cuisine is regarded by many people as one of the best in the world. Since the 1970s, Thai cuisine has become a public cuisine internationally. Bangkok today has hundreds of  cooking schools. A good Thai meal typically includes a blend of spicy, mild, sweet, and sour dishes. Among the most popular Thai dishes are curries made with coconut milk, shrimp paste, garlic, chili peppers, and seasonings such as coriander, lemongrass, galangal, and Kaffir lime leaves. The Thai use fish sauce—today a commercially prepared extract—as a basic ingredient for many dishes in the same way that the Chinese use soy sauce. Although rice is fundamental to Thai cuisine, the Thai have adopted many foods, such as noodles, that form a basic element of Chinese and Chinese cuisine.
Drinks: Beers, wines and spirits are readily available . A big favorite among Thai people is rice whisky of which Mehkong is the leading brand. It has a sharp, sweet taste similar to rum. Several brands of beer are produced in Thailand, most popular is the local Singha beer.
Dietary taboos: Although most Thais are Buddhists, there are no food restrictions in Thailand.


Getting some knowledge: Free online Thai lessons are available on the Thai-language website.
Free translation tools:
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