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Make the most of performance reviews

Content provided by a guest contributor.

check.jpgMany managers and business owners make the mistake of seeing performance reviews as just another thing they have to do. And many employees make the mistake of seeing performance reviews as simply a way to ask for a raise. But these evaluations and discussions are so much more than that and can be highly beneficial to any business, especially SMEs.

As a small to medium enterprise, staff retention and your employees’ professional growth should be high on your list of priorities. Performance reviews can be extremely constructive, as long as you do them the right way.

Get employees to evaluate themselves

Most companies use a simple form that lists various aspects of the job. The employee then rates themself out of 5. It’s easy when you have many employees to review. But small to medium businesses have fewer employees and can therefore go more in depth. It’s a good idea to get employees to go through what they believe their strengths and weaknesses are. Adding space for them to elaborate and comment will give you great insight into how they believe they are doing in terms of job performance.

Give constructive feedback

You shouldn’t feel the need to sugarcoat your feedback, but it’s important that all your comments are constructive. There’s no point in highlighting an issue that cannot be resolved. Rather search for a solution together. Concentrate on how the employee can improve rather than go into detail about what they’re doing wrong. If you give proper feedback in a constructive manner, everyone is more likely to feel like progress has been made after the review process.

Hear their side of the story

Don’t simply tell the employee how they are doing. Ask them for feedback on how they feel the business is being run, what they think of the current processes and whether they feel supported in their work. Taking a look at things from their point of view can give you a brand new perspective on your business. Even though you are their boss, ask for their feedback. You also need to know how you can improve as a manager, whether it’s taking emotional intelligence training courses or having a more hands-on approach.

Performance reviews should be seen as a way to improve the business as a whole. An open and honest discussion can make a lot of difference. From identifying issues to finding a solution together, these meetings can make an employee feel as though they are being taken seriously.  

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