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ESMS Toolkit and Case Studies - Food and Beverage

Provided by the International Finance Corporation

Environmental and social responsibility is becoming more and more important in today’s global economy. There are thousands of environmental and social codes and standards in the world today. The codes and standards define the rules and the objectives. But the challenge is in the implementation. An environmental and social management system helps companies to integrate the rules and objectives into core business operations, through a set of clearly defined, repeatable processes. 

This ESMS Toolkit and Case Studies and its companion publications, ESMS Handbook and Self-Assessment and Improvement Guide, are intended to balance system development and system implementation in each of the ESMS elements. For quick reference on how to use Toolkit and Case Studies, ESMS Handbook and Self-Assessment and Improvement Guide click here.

In this ESMS Toolkit and Case Studies document, we provide tools to build or enhance your environmental and social management system (ESMS). Section I is the Toolkit – sample documents, blank forms, flowcharts, checklists and templates. There are tools for each of the nine elements in your ESMS. Section II is the Case Studies – examples of how two different companies used the tools and developed and implemented an ESMS appropriate to the size and nature of their business.

Table of Contents

Section I

1. Policies

2. Identification of Risks and Impacts

3. Management Programs

4. Organizational Capacity and Competency

5. Emergency Preparedness and Response

6. Stakeholder Engagement

7. External Communication and Grievance Mechanism

8. Reporting Back to Affected Communities

9. Monitoring and Review

Section II - ESMS Case Studies

Case Study – ABC Food Company, Thailand

Case Study – XYZ Food Company, Tanzania

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