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Five Tools To Power- Boost your Business Growth in 2013

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It is a brand new year, 2013. Individuals and businesses are filled with different expectations for the New Year. One of such expectation for any business is to see it grow. Winning entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs however utilize a set of tools to grow their businesses each year. Remember, the main purpose of running or managing a business is to grow it. No more, No less!

Here is a set of tools that Winning entrepreneurs, Business owners and CEOs utilize to actualize business growth. They always work and will work for you if properly deployed.

MIND POWER - Winning Entrepreneurs, Business owners and CEOs know that every great business success or growth starts first in the mind. James Allen, the greatest motivational speaker/writer of the 20th Century puts in his book - As A Man Thinketh that ‘The mind is the master power that moulds and makes, and man is mind, and evermore he takes the tool of Thought, and shaping what he wills, brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills:- He thinks in secret and it comes to pass: Environment is but his looking-glass’.

The general populace is inundated with all kinds of useless information such as: times are hard, the world economy is in a recession, people are getting poorer, Nigeria can never get it right, running a business in Nigeria is impossible etc. Winning Entrepreneurs, Business owners and CEOs desirous of growing their businesses throw such information to where they rightly belong: The Garbage Bin.

To grow your business in 2013, you have got to protect your mind from mind terrorists more effectively than the way President Barrack Obama guards the white house against AL-QUEDA terrorists. The mind is your treasure for power-boosting your business growth in 2013.

Are you ready to allow your mind to lead you to where your heart is in 2013: Business growth and higher productivity?

PLANNING POWER - Entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs optimize their business performance by preparing for the future. There are several ways to prepare for the future, one of which is to wait for it to happen! However, Winning Entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners prepare for the future by predicting it. The best way to predict the future is to plan for it.

Henry Ford, the great American entrepreneur of the 20th Century and founder of Ford Corporation instructively reminded entrepreneurs and CEOs: People don’t plan to fail. They fail to plan.

To power-boost your business growth in 2013, you have got to optimize the power of planning.

Three plans are important to business growth and success in 2013. They are:

• Strategic plan

• Business plan

• Training plan

Are you ready to optimize the use of planning to grow your business beyond the competition in 2013?

PEOPLE POWER - According to leadership expert, John Maxwell, one is too small a number for success in life. This is more particularly so in business. No single entrepreneur, Business owner or CEO has all the time, energy, resources and skills to grow their businesses. You need people to make it happen: Associates, Business partners and outside help (some people call them consultants). You have got to leverage on the skills, energy, resources and network of your people and outside help to grow a bigger pie for your business in 2013.

Why outside help? A lot of time, the entrepreneur is busy doing it, doing it and doing it some more! You need outside help not only to ensure a return to business fundamentals but also to provide fresh perspectives on business growth and to help chart the way forward for your business. Are you ready to leverage on the time, knowledge, skills, resources and network of others to grow your business in 2013. Do you have a plan to ensure value for your business and your key stakeholders in 2013?

KNOWLEDGE POWER - Businesses require a set of skills and knowledge for optimum performance. Winning entrepreneurs, Business owners and CEOs are never- graduating students of business: always acquiring new knowledge, skills and information to grow their businesses. They leverage on the power of the written and said word to grow their businesses. Like all things, these obsolesce and need renewal. Are you ready to acquire the requisite knowledge and skills to grow your business in 2013?

GEARING POWER - Entrepreneurs, Business owners and CEOs need money to grow their businesses. Except in a few cases, the business owner and /or the business on their own cannot provide all the money needed to optimize the potentials of the business. You need other people’s money to optimize the potential of your business. You have got to leverage on other people’s financial resources to grow your business and in the process ensure value for all stakeholders. Are you ready to leverage on other people’s financial resources to grow your business in 2013?

There they are. The tested tools guaranteed to power-boost your business growth in 2013. They only work when deployed. Remember the Holy Scriptures, James 1:23.


The Author, Dr. Kennedy Ononaeke, is a business growth strategist and CEO of Winning Edge Consulting Limited- a healthcare consulting and training firm.



Winning Edge Consulting Limited

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