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How to Wow your Customers

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In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, savvy entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs are discovering that it is no longer enough to offer quality services or products to win the customer over to their businesses. Offering quality service or product is indeed now the entry point to the business competitive landscape. It no longer guarantees success in the market. For you to win, you have to stand out of the competitive crowd and offer something refreshingly different and leave the customer dazed and asking for more: You must WOW your customer to earn her dollar.

So success conscious entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs are on the prowl to discover how to WOW their customer.

Here is a list of eight easy to implement ways that Successful entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs are using to WOW their customers that you can deploy for your business success:

  • Be the First
  • Be the Only
  • Be positioned as the expert
  • Be a different Kind of networker
  • Own an Attribute
  • Own a key  value word
  • Own a Cause
  • Own a Unique business philosophy

Question is how do you discover which WOW factor to use? You have got to find out. Finding the right WOW factor that connects with your ideal customer   is critical for success in today’s crowded market place. A wrong WOW factor will waste every ones time and destroy value. However, getting the right WOW factor for your business will lead to the following:

  • Get you a much higher response from your marketing, so your phone is ringing a lot more.
  • Increase your conversion rate leading to more sales more often.
  • Attract the right customers, so you are working with your  ’ A’ clients , and not your ‘C’ or ‘D’ Clients
  • Increase your ROI from your marketing dollar

The net effect of the right WOW factor for your business will be satisfied customers leading to more sales, higher profits and the maximization of your business productivity.

So do you have the right WOW factor to aid your marketing success? All businesses desirous of growth need the right WOW factor to enable them effectively speak the language of your customers. Businesses in early, decline and plateau phases need a unique WOW factor that will guarantee marketing success and therefore grow and earn more. Even successful businesses need the right WOW factor to ensure the sustainability of their business success.

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