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The Enterprise Challenge 100

The challenge is one of the activities to mark the 100 years anniversary of IBM. The objective of the challenge is to mentor 100 small businesses for 100 days using the SME Toolkit and other skills sets provided by the assigned IBM mentors.  The 100 days will lead up to the Grand Finale tagged the “Day of Service” which is on the 16th of June 2011. Applications were received from over 450 interested SME Toolkit registered members in 3 days. The orientation session was held at EDS, Pan–African University on the 11th of March, 2011 were the mentees were assigned different time slots based on the 5 basic areas considered for mentoring (Sales & marketing, Business strategy & Reengineering, Accounting & Finance, Business Controls and Human Resources). They had the opportunity to meet and discuss with their mentors on how the sessions will be structured. Also, the selected business owners (mentees) participated in an online risk assessment (EFL) to determine their business intelligence, credit worthiness and training needs. Entrepreneurial Finance Lab (EFL) is an automated scalable and proven psychometric risk measurement tool for SMEs. Click here to view pictures taken at the orientation session.


Digital Media: A new innovation for promoting small businesses

The digital media are channels used to disseminate information or news professionally in an objective and fair manner to bring expression and confidence that can drive further development in the business world and the society at large. One of the advantages of the digital media is communicating with millions of people at a time. The advent of the internet has given way to updating peers and competitors in the business sector. The social media is a major area of digital specialization relating to business. These media sites include the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress etc. Others are media sharing devices such as Flickr, YouTube and Picassa. Of recent, the SME Toolkit has kicked off on the Users engagement media pilot using the social networks, which will in turn help in the management and interaction between the networks of users.  To make your contributions on any of the media networks on the SME Toolkit. Click on any of the icons below.

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