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Creating an Environmental Management System (EMS)

Provided by the International Finance Corporation

Chapter 1: Introduction

Defining an EMS
Business Benefits of an EMS
Implementing an EMS

Chapter 2: Success Stories: Businesses Profiting from EMS

Chapter 3: Creating an EMS (Overview)

Chapter 4: Planning an EMS

Selecting an Environmental Task Group
Establishing Objectives and Targets

Considerations in Setting Objectives and Targets
Tip Sheet: Determining Environmental Impacts
Tip Sheet: Walk-through Considerations

Prioritizing Projects

Table on Degree of Impact and Period of Occurrence
Table on Significance of Impacts

Creating an Action Plan and an Action Team

Creating an Action Plan
Action Plan Model (sample)
Tip Sheet: Techniques for Addressing Environmental Problems
Tip Sheet: Questions for Screening and Searching for Applications
Tip Sheet: Ways to Reduce Waste

Creating a Prevention and Emergency Plan

Suggestions for Developing Prevention and Emergency Plans
Tip Sheet: Ways to Prevent Spills and Leaks

Chapter 5: Implementing the Action Plan

Training Staff

Selecting Staff for Training
Considerations in Assessing Employee Training Needs
Selecting Training Programs and Methods
Scheduling Training
Suggestions for Training
Tip Sheet: Insights into Adult Learning

Communicating EMS Information

Selecting Internal and External Target Audiences
Selecting Information to Share
Suggestions for Communication
Communication Procedures and Standards
Ways to Communicate with Staff, the Community and the Government
Maintaining the Flow of Information

Setting a Budget

Low-Cost Options with Immediate Payback
Tip Sheet: Writing the Financial Plan

Chapter 6: Monitoring Progress

Formulating a Measurement System

Generally Measurable Items
Data Structure Model
Environmental Indicators and Concepts to Consider
Suggestions for Developing and Using Measurement System

Benchmark Technique
Assessing the EMS

Steps for Assessing the EMS
Assessment Procedures
Considerations for the Assessment Team
Considerations if Results Show Difficulties or Unreached Targets

Chapter 7: Improving Results

Creating and Implementing a New Action Plan

Elements of the Continual Improvement Process
Considerations for Creating a New Action Plan

Writing an Environmental Policy

Considerations for Writing an Environmental Policy
Points to Address in an Environmental Policy

Chapter 8: Questionnaire for Establishing Priorities for Objectives and Targets

Energy Sources/Use
Laws and Regulations
Process Design/Operation
Product Design
Raw Materials
Solid and Hazardous Waste
Solid Waste Management
Storage On Site
Transport and Distribution
Waste Disposal
Water Use/Discharge

Chapter 9: Case Studies

Finding a Mentor to Help Develop an EMS
Process Optimization in Textile Dyeing
Energy Saving in Soap Production
Increased Raw Material Efficiency in Pulp and Paper Production
Toxic Waste Reduction in Chrome Plating
Rubber Reuse in Belt Manufacturing
Reuse of Chromium in Leather Tanning
Water Savings in Sugar Refining

Chapter 10: Sample Forms

Action Plan Form (sample)
Prevention Plan Form (sample)
Emergency Plan Form (sample)
Training Plan Form (sample)
Process Identification Plan Form (sample)
Material Identification Plan Form (sample)
Environmental Policy (sample)

Chapter 11: Resources

Support Sources
Large Companies, Clients or Suppliers Acting as Mentors
Other SMEs
Expert and Local Technical Assistance
Extra Assistance
Considerations in Hiring Consultants
Information Sources
Multinational Companies
Environmental Regulatory Agencies
AssociationsCustomers and Suppliers
The Internet
Support Material

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